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This site currently includes recordings from 2010-2012


Every Monday night, the Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa meets on 2 meters FM for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. We focus on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready. This net is dedicated to addressing that challenge. The Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa also activates during threats or emergencies affecting Maricopa County




28 stations participated, including 17 who checked in on the Shaw-Ord linked repeaters and 11 who checked in on the Skywarn UHF linked repeaters.

News reports, TV, ham radio, wx radios, and threatening weather itself can clue us that the Skywarn net may activate. Certified Skywarn spotters meet on 442.800 on South Mountain. Non-Skywarn hams and those interested in disaster response meet on the normal Arizona Emergency Net - Maricopa frequencies.

We discussed "criteria reports", quantified weather observations that the National Weather Service wants. Unmeasurable reports such as, "It's really raining here," or "The dust is blowing," aren't helpful. Also, quantified reports that don't meet the NWS criteria thresholds just waste everyone's time. Skywarn spotters are trained on the current reportable criteria.

When reading National Weather Service bulletins over the air, it's important to read word-for-word without interpretation or conjecture. Lee, KD7ETH, demonstrated that not everything written in the bulletin is worth reading over the air.

Remember, lots of folks are listening in, including hams, non-hams, and possibly the media. Be sure of your facts before reporting them.

Zachary, W7ZAA, was a first-time participant with us. Welcome, Zach!

Thanks to Dreux, KB8EMU, for serving as Net Control. Also, thanks to Dennis, N7NTM, and Donna, N7LQK, our first-time Alternate Net Controls

Recordings of these nets are available at Thanks to Gary Felix, W7TXR, for providing those recordings.

Next Week's Topic: DISASTER COMMUNICATIONS, THE REAL STORY. We use public service events, drills, and exercises to stay in shape for the spam hitting the fan, and that's good. But when we're deployed for the real thing, Radio Amateurs can encounter people who aren't as welcoming and appreciative as event sponsors. We'll preview the real-world environments and expectations that you may face and how to prepare for them.

Dennis, KE7EJF, will be our Net Control. Loren, NJ3D, Dennis, N7NTM, and Donna, N7LQK, volunteered as Alternate Net Controls.

-- Mike



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