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Every Monday night, the Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa meets on 2 meters FM for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. We focus on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready. This net is dedicated to addressing that challenge. The Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa also activates during threats or emergencies affecting Maricopa County

8-16-2010 - Public service and disaster organizations - KE7LPG


The AEN-MAR net met on 16 Aug 2010 to discuss public service and emergency response organizations.  We had 27 check ins which represented the following organizations.  As you will see, most have more than one organization per station.
  • 13 Skywarn spotters.  Free two-hour class to obtain spotter ID # mainly taught in the spring each year.  Check out website
  • 9 CERT members from Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Mesa jurisdictions.  Training classes offered by each city fire department.  Contact your city FD.  Chandler is offering class starting this week.  Tempe offering class starting in September.
  • 23 members of MCECG sign up at interested in practicing your radio communication skills during events this is the place to do it.
  • 7 members of ARES It was mentioned that you do not have to be a member of the ARRL to join and participate in ARES. Sign up at
  • 2 members of the at ham group which does a great job in search and rescue.  They do a lot of trail or no trail rides to test their equipment and skills.  You do not have to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to participate.

BCS is an emergency net/group for the LDS Church to be available for the church authorities to be kept abreast of conditions and needs in disaster area.  ATV is slow scan TV on 2m.

Organizations not represented were Red Cross, RACES, SATURN, M-EOC

Thanks to Dennis N7NTM and Donna N4LQK for their support as Alternate Net Control

Next week's topic will be Emergency Scene Evaluation and Reporting, a two-part series.  Andrew KF7CCC has volunteered to be Alternate Net Control next week.

73 KE7LPG Terry



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