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This site currently includes recordings from 2010-2012


Every Monday night, the Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa meets on 2 meters FM for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. We focus on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready. This net is dedicated to addressing that challenge. The Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa also activates during threats or emergencies affecting Maricopa County

08-23-2010 - Emergency Scene Evaluation and Reporting (CANS Protocol) - Briefing - KB7YEB


The Arizona Emergency Net - Maricopa (AEN-MAR) will activate Monday night at 9 PM, as normal, unless a threat or emergency supersedes. 
Standard frequencies:  Mt Ord 146.92(-) and Shaw Butte 147.24(+).  162.2 PL. 
Topic summary:  You and a crew arrive on a disaster scene.  Your job is to evaluate the scene, render immediate aid, call for additional resources if necessary, and keep your crew safe.  Then your job is to report your situation -- clearly and concisely -- over the air.  Some CERT groups use the "C.A.N.S." protocol to guide that report.  Even non-CERT people can use it effectively.
  • Conditions - what you find at the scene
  • Actions taken - what aid your crew have or are rendering
  • Needs - the resources you need to render that aid
  • Status of crew - confirm that all crew members are healthy and accounted for (sometimes reported as "par")
This will be a two-part topic.  This week we'll learn about and discuss the C.A.N.S. protocol.  Next week, we'll exercise what we've learned.  Both weeks, if you have internet access, have your computer lit up and ready to download photos of sample scenes that we'll practice reporting on.  Net Control will tell you what to download from

These photos are of real disasters, not mock-ups.  The images are of property damage and some rescue operations, and may be disturbing because the destruction is actual.  Not recommended for children or for adults who are easily upset by real-life suffering, loss, and danger.

Rich, KB7YEB, will be our Net Control.  Andrew, KF7CCC, volunteered as Alternate Net Control.



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