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Every Monday night, the Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa meets on 2 meters FM for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. We focus on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready. This net is dedicated to addressing that challenge. The Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa also activates during threats or emergencies affecting Maricopa County

9-5-2011 - Emergency Activation Drill - Net - KF7CCC


The topic was announced as "BLOW OUT THE DUST," but was really "EMERGENCY ACTIVATION DRILL."

14 stations checked into the drill, with 3 stations passing traffic on a separate tactical net on the Skywarn frequency. After the drill, 9 stations who didn't check into the drill joined the net as well.


"When trouble strikes in Maricopa County, tune here." Why?

For Information:
AEN-MAR is the single place to check for latest developments. It will also receive updates from tactical nets. It offers a single place that hams can go for information: to report their local situation and to find out the real story.

For Resources:
AEN-MAR is the single place for hams to report their availability. It also is a single place for served agencies to request ham resources. Places like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, County EOC, city EOCs, hospitals, Skywarn, ARES all know to check with AEN-MAR for ham resources.


Roles in a net:

SCRIBE-SITREP: logs reports and who reported them and when. This is the long-term memory of the net. This person stas on top of the situation, and is ready to provide details when needed and a summarized situation report (sitrep) when asked.

SCRIBE-RESOURCE: keeps track of resource needs brought to the net, and the hams who agree to fill them. Also tracks the time people have been in their shift, and looks ahead to future relief shifts to prevent burnout.

NET MANAGER: brings assignments to the net to fill. Verifies agency requests for ham resources. Forecasts the duration of the disaster and guides the net to find relief operators. Gets the big picture and prepares the net for the anticipated next steps.


How do we train our leaders? By making them do things that require them to lead. Practice can happen at events, or even Monday night nets.

Tonight we activated and organized ourselves, split into an information and tactical net, responded to simulated agency requests and kept abreast of drill developments.



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