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Every Monday night, the Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa meets on 2 meters FM for training and exercise in the public service communication arts. We focus on preparation and readiness for public service – be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready. This net is dedicated to addressing that challenge. The Arizona Emergency Net – Maricopa also activates during threats or emergencies affecting Maricopa County

09-19-2011 - New Participant Briefing - KE7VIN


30 stations participated.  Of those, 10 had not served with their radio at a public service event.  Most of those are signed up for an MCECG event in the near future.

We assigned tactical call signs and discussed their use.  Tactical call signs clarify the function and location of the station.  They can be easier to understand in marginal communications conditions than the FCC call sign.  Tactical call signs are used to get Net Control's attention.  Say only your tactical call sign and wait for Net Control to acknowledge you.  Then pass you traffic.  When you are done with you traffic close with your FCC call sign.  This lets Net Control know you don't expect anything from them.  If you are expecting something back, end your transmission without any call sign.  After your exchange is complete use your FCC call sign to complete the traffic.  If an assignment is long enough that another operator relieves you, the tactical call sign will be passed to the new operator.  Also, if you complete your assignment and accept a new one (the rest stop closes and you are assigned to a new function) your tactical call sign will probably change with the assignment.

To be effective communicators we need to be clear and concise.  Use as few words as necessary.  "Back to Net Control" is not necessary.  When your are finished Net Control automatically takes the frequency back.  In a controlled net, nobody passes any traffic without permission from Net Control.  Think about what you are going to say before you key the mic.  One station suggested writing you traffic down before you transmit.  Then you know what you are going to say and you have a log of what traffic you passed.  Listen to how the net is conducted and you will learn how it is done.

A station asked what a rookie should bring to a public service event.  Several stations had suggestions:
Snacks (you can eat the food provided at the rest stations if that's where you are assigned)
Hi-viz green reflective vest
Extra batteries for you radio
Flashlight (for evening or night events)
First aid kit
Medications for long deployments
Anything else you think you might need

We welcome all the new stations.  We look forward to working and learning with you.



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